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Dumbarton Fortress, Scotland

Dumbarton Fortress in the Spring colors of the month of May.

Dumbarton Fortress

Storied Dumbarton Rock is situated on the eastern edge of the town of Dumbarton on the Northern shore of the Clyde River, it is a volcanic plug of basalt with twin towers, known as White Tower Crag and The Beak, connected near their summits and rising 240 feet straight up on a tiny peninsula where the River Leven empties into the River Clyde. It holds the distinction, among many others, of being a stronghold in Britain longer than any other in recorded history, dating from at least the fifth century AD. In fact the derivative of Dumbarton, Dun Breatann means 'the fortress of the Britons.' One of its most famous prisoners awaiting execution was Sir William Wallace, perhaps better known as "Braveheart."

A view of the Governor's House (above) at Dumbarton Fortress is where four Cunninghams served as Governors from as early as the 16th century. Inside is a Coat of Arms display of the Governors that served there spanning eight centuries from 1264 through 1996. The three Cunningham's Coat of Arms displayed there are: 1571, John Cunningham, 6th of Drumquhassil; 1692, John, 11th Earl of Glencairn and 1714, Colonel William, 12th Earl of Glencairn. The fourth Cunningham Governor was 1955, Admiral Sir Angus Cunninghame Graham, 16th of Gartmore K.B.E., C.B..

To go to the top of the fortress one crosses the courtyard, ascends a stone stair and passes through the fortress wall at King George's Battery with its round domed sentinel box. Beyond stands the Governor's House, built along with King George's Battery in 1735, replacing the medieval gatehouse and rampart.

A view from inside the fortress grounds of the rear of the Governor's house and grounds with the Clyde River in the background can be found on the Dumbarton Courtyard page of Lorcán Gallery.

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